Our Program


MetroLacrosse is proud that its programs reflect the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of Boston’s neighborhoods as a whole. A common interest in lacrosse and sports-based learning brings players, families, volunteers, donors and staff together in powerful and intentional ways. Since the sport of lacrosse has not traditionally been played in urban areas, MetroLacrosse has seized an opportunity to provide access to a sport that would otherwise be unavailable to its participants. Today, MetroLacrosse is the largest and most comprehensive urban lacrosse and youth development program in the United States.The demographics of MetroLacrosse participants reflect the diversity of their communities (31% African-American, 33% Latino, 21% Caucasian, 4% Asian, and 11% bi-racial/other). Unlike typical lacrosse programs, MetroLacrosse draws participants from low-income neighborhoods and more than 91% of participants attend public schools. While most MetroLacrosse youth speak English, more than 24% speak another language at home including Arabic, Chinese, Creole, French, Spanish, Somali, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.
MetroLacrosse strives to:
  • Instill character in each participant; to teach fundamental values and skills (Responsibility, Effort, Sportsmanship, Participation, Enthusiasm, Communication, and Teamwork ) that we believe constitute the foundation for success in life;
  • Provide as many hours of high-quality out-of-school programming to as many youth and teens as possible;
  • Introduce youth to caring adult role-models who are well-trained to significantly impact participants’ futures;
  • Teach youth the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle; and
  • Motivate participants to capitalize on the many academic, networking, and career opportunities that the sport of lacrosse offers.
The organization’s year-round programs serve more than 700 youth and teens across the cities of Boston and Chelsea:
  • A ten-week spring season
  • Two week-long overnight summer camps in New Hampshire
  • A week lacrosse based summer program at Chelsea High School
  • An eight-week coaches-in-training employment opportunity for high school participants
  • An eight-week fall season
  • Winter clinics and fitness sessions
  • Year-round Intramural Programs in collaboration with community-based strategic partners
  • Secondary school placement advising

Boston Globe Feature at Franklin Field in Dorchester